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Go Listen to JDefiant Ft Rio! : Broken Britain Check out this band! This is a parody of Shakira’s great song Whenever Wherever Shakira – whenever dont matter Done by Mo Collins from MadTv Lyrics provided by N1GAGE Baby I was born that far away so, I speak English as a se-cond language, I don’t understand the words I say, There’s no word that rymes with language, Lucky that I have a smoken’ body, Cause I only sing in jibberish, Lucky that I am uh such a hottie, Watch my hips go quiverish, Good news for you, I’m double jointed, too Whatever, Don’t Matter, I can sing about pancake batter, I will shake my derier, And you won’t go nowhere, Bend over, Come Under, Come enjoy my thighs of thunder, I’ll just toss my hips and hair, And you won’t go nowhere, Lucky, that my hips arn’t only droopy, When I shake them they move mountains, Lucky that these breasts are proud and perky, And my lips are full and poutin’, Bebabebabababa, Bebabebabababa, Time to crawl into the mud, Whatever, Don’t Matter, You wouldn’t listen if I were fatter, That I got a spicy rear, So you won’t go nowhere, Peek under, turn over, I make no sense if you are sober, So I clash my hips and hair, And you won’t go nowhere.

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President George W. Bush seeks advice from Spidey.

Babies Dancing Lebanese Dabka Dabbka Farid

Charlie Goes To Candy Mountain Made by TypeQueen of NewGrounds and SecretAgentBob on Youtube. Break Dancing Baby

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A video of our son Justin Bieber after he left the dentist with a little too much novacaine. Become a fan on facebook: